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 August 2009 

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"Turning Back The Clock On Premature Aging"

           A groundbreaking wellness book due out by 2010's end!
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    30 years younger, while knocking on 60!!!



 For   centuries, man has been preoccupied with extending his longevity. History books remind us of our early quests, with explorers like Ponce De Leon, to discover the “fountain of youth” in places like the new world.


During the last decade, we have come to understand that our genes are no longer fixed in stone as we were once taught, rather that our genes remain in a constant state of flux, or change, based upon a host of environmental factors. Genes not only turn on or off, each has the potential to be expressed in over 2,000 different amino acid configurations. And the expression of our genes will determine how our bodies look and feel as we undergo a complete cellular transformation every 6 years. Genetic expression ultimately determines our quality of life and our longevity.


Several university studies indicate human life expectancy should extend out to 120 years. Intriguingly enough, current research happens to match the same life expectancy revealed in biblical text written thousands of years prior. Hypothetically speaking, if the various texts in the bible are the inspired word of God, logic begs the question of it being possible to achieve our normal life expectancy of 120 years without having to jump through all kinds of elaborate scientific hoops, for example, attempting to alter the expression of the sirtuin gene called sir2.


Our current life expectancy of 78 reflects our dying 40 years premature of our true biological design. On average, our bodies are prematurely aging 1/3 faster than what should be considered “normal” aging. So why are our bodies aging so rapidly? What are the accelerating variables?


Furthermore, the 100-million-dollar question is inherent: If we start correcting the variables (or imbalances) in body chemistry causing premature aging, will our genetic code continue to regenerate the same prematurely aged person, or could altering the genetic expression result in the potential of creating a younger looking body?


Several years ago, I ran across an article contrasting a 100-year-old man from a long-lived culture with a 50-year-old American man. Both looked similar, age wise. And I initially wondered what this 100-year-old man was doing so differently—that was, until I realized this man were actually aging “normally,” and the American “prematurely.” I began to look closely at those around me, also, and realized the majority of American’s are prematurely aging.



                                                                    More than a decade ago,


I was fat, dumpy, and prematurely aged with the onset of dementia, which I thought, was Alzheimer’s disease. Today, however, I occupy an athletic and youthful-looking body that I am told can easily pass for between 28 and 30 years old. My current appearance is directly attributed to the slow process of optimizing my genetic expression over the last 8 years.


Consequently, what some in the scientific community have alluded to for years regarding “reverse aging” has in fact come to fruition in my personal life. I believe that it is possible for each person to reverse many aspects of his or her premature aging, thus creating a paradigm shift in the direction of our true biological time line of 120 years.


Recently I completed a ground-breaking wellness book on the topic of reverse premature aging. The book is targeted for release by the end of 2009, and you can pre-order your book today and be qualified to enter a drawing in which 25 names will be selected to receive a free autographed copy.


To help validate the changes occurring in my body chemistry, I invite you to review several medical references available on this site.


Please take a few minutes to learn about our mission, as sales from my book will help to fund a nonprofit Christian wellness clinic on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that will reach out to help others less fortunate.


May your day be filled with many blessings!


Author and Expert on Reversing Premature Aging E. A. Helwick II

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