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In todays fast paced, self-demanding society, we have access to many types of professional services catering to a host of needs and desires. And for good reason: Who has the time and wherewithal to cover life’s details? What’s more, who has the discipline and knowledge to incorporate all the dos and don’ts from which sound decisions are made? Whether gourmet delivered meals, a personal fitness trainer, a motivational coach, or a personal wellness life coach, we can enhance our lives dramatically though personalized services.


Approaching midlife and beyond, we begin to consider time our most precious and limited resource. The older we become, the greater importance is time. We each realize the clock is rapidly running out and will expire long before most of us get the opportunity to complete all of the fun things contained on our bucket lists.


We spend our lives toiling long hours to get ahead. By the time many of us reach financial independence, our quality of life has already suffered a major decline. Various degenerative conditions have taken up residence in our tired, achy, worn-out bodies, and we find ourselves prematurely aging well before our time, with little realization that there could be a completely different ending to our life story.


Over a decade ago, I myself was fat, dumpy, and prematurely aged and felt helpless to alter my course with destiny.  I was experiencing the onset of serious dementia and was terrified the condition was Alzheimer’s disease and that I would eventually lose my identity as a human being. To be alive physically yet dead both intellectually and emotionally was something I was compelled to avoid at any cost—how difficult for your love ones to care for you when your consciousness has died and but a shell remains alive.


Motivationally speaking, Alzheimer’s was the fear factor in my learning how the human body was created to function on the molecular level, taking me on an amazing decade-long journey of discovery. And God was incredibly kind in His opening up the various doors, enabling me to connect the dots necessary to regain my former life. For me, the process was a long and arduous task because I traveled alone—no one to teach and advise me about the many whats, whens, wheres, and hows. Discovering the important stuff was up to me. And nevertheless, I dug deep—past the surface-level rubys and emeralds, to the hardest, most precious stones hidden deep within the sphere of researach. Essentially, the knowledge effected a reverse in virtually all of my adult degenerative disease conditions, which in turn allowed me to occupy my current youthful-looking body.


Were it not for the fear of losing my identity, I never would have mustered both the motivation and the courage to not just research but slowly implement all of the life changes essential in turning back the clock on my premature aging. Hiring a life coach to guide me and to provide the motivation each step of the way would have been so much easier. It takes a person with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to achieve what I have accomplished in my personal life.


After receiving numerous requests from those who are awestruck with the youthful-looking body I currently enjoy, I decided to offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with me personally as a wellness life coach. I will only be able to work with a handful of clients, however, as over the next year my ground-breaking wellness book will be coming to market worldwide with a demanding itinerary. I currently have an opening for just five clients.


Applications will be considered in the order received. I am looking to coach only those who truly desire to change their quality of life for the rest of their life. 


An initial wellness life-coaching program runs for a duration of 12 months but can be extended. Regardless of where you reside in the country, each client will be met with personally, spending one-on-one time so that we can develop a close working relationship built upon mutual trust and respect. Further, because seeing is believing, your experiencing my physical presence in person is extremely important to solidify your commitment in following my guidance as your personal coach.


Given the opportunity to work with me as a wellness life coach is limited, it’s only fair to point out the other knowledgeable people occupying the field of wellness that you may consider aligning yourself with in order to achieve your personal goals. And my advice is this: In the wellness arena, there are many so-called “experts”; however, looking at the physical bodies of certain ones, I see people who are prematurely aging just like everyone else, a clear indication that their wellness programs are not optimizing their genetic expression.


Consequently, your wellness coach’s physical appearance is important because how he or she goes through the aging process indicates what you may experience in using that expert as your guide and mentor.


Those talking general wellness are a dime a dozen, although few actually walk the talk when it comes to slowing down the aging process. When it comes to those who venture into the arena of reverse aging…the selection comes down to what you can count using your fingers. A life coach should radiate health, vitality, and youthfulness. Many distinguished authors bedecked with letters of accomplishments occupy the wellness arena, yet if their bodies are prematurely aging as your is, what hope do you have of achieving your goals by following their professional guidance?


To participate in a personal wellness program under my professional guidance and care reflects a major commitment on your part to change your quality of life for the rest of your life. Of all the things in life you have invested your time, money, and effort into, do any rank higher than your ability to live life to the fullest during the entire aging process?



Do you know the average person will spend between $250K and $400K for automobiles and insurance during his or her lifetime (not counting gas), yet that same person will invest less than $2 a day on the nutritional maintenance of their personal transportation vehicle, their body, which they typically rely on to provide 8 decades of continuous service?


Our most important asset is our health—just ask any bedridden senior in a nursing home waiting to die a slow, lonely, premature death. Each would gladly exchange every penny in their 40lK for a twenty-four hour walk on the beach, listening to the surf, casting a fishing rod, or for a chance to share a picnic on a lush green hillside with a love one.


Money loses all value when we can no longer enjoy what it can buy. And still, we cling to our money even as our body continues to prematurely age and deteriorate well before its time.


Nonetheless, this is your wake up call. I want you to think about your life’s priorities, to honestly evaluate what really matters, then make a commitment to the top priority of your health. Does it make sense to live in an elegant home, drive an expensive vehicle and pay premium insurance—while you continue to reside in a body that is prematurely aging and falling apart well before its time?


Where will you live when your worn-out, degenerated body can no longer take you to the places you desire?


The cost to participate in a personal wellness program under my direction as your professional wellness life coach is not for the penny pincher or the frugal of heart. If money is your most cherished commodity, then we are definitely not a match. I have crossed the paths of those who are so preoccupied with saving money that each expenditure becomes a painful experience to anguish over. It’s the chronic stress occupying the lives of these people that will sabotage all of their efforts to live a long and healthy life. Stress is the number one factor that prematurely ages our body, and quite often money lies at the root of chronic stress.


Hiring a personal wellness life coach could be the most important investment you’ll ever make by far, with the potential to pay you priceless dividends in your quality of life for the rest of your life. Moreover, this is a rare opportunity to work with someone who truly understands what it feels like to hit rock bottom and then has what it takes to slowly crawl back to the top to reclaim his former self.


The general scope of a personal wellness program addresses the following concerns:


  1. Why is my weight spinning out of control regardless of how little I consume or how much I try to exercise? You will learn that it is possible to drop those stubborn pounds, while increasing your daily food intake. It’s no fun living life eating like a bird.


  1. Why do I experience bouts of depression and anxiety as I grow older? You will learn that most people can easily correct the culprits responsible for creating depression and anxiety. It is possible to live a fun-filled and emotionally balanced life without suffering the toxic side effects of taking drugs to control your brain chemistry.


  1. Why do I experience sleeplessness and insomnia? Why do I wake up several times each night and then have difficulty getting back to sleep, only to wake up the next day feeling tired and fatigued? You will learn how various imbalances responsible for insomnia and fatigue are reversible.


  1. Why do I find it more and more difficult to deal with the everyday stress of living life? The little things I used to handle in strides now send me over the edge as I find myself losing it frequently with my love ones. You will learn that imbalances in body chemistry are fundamentally to blame for your decreasing ability to handle stress…and this is something within your power to change.


  1. Why am I becoming so forgetful of everyday things in my life such as where I put my keys? Ever find yourself at the store fumbling around trying to remember why you made the trip in the first place? Neither dementia nor Alzheimer’s disease is fixed in your genetic code. You will learn that you can improve your present memory while taking a proactive stance in helping to prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s


  1. Why is my Sex drive disappearing, leaving me with a feeling of being incomplete and unable to satisfy my spouse like I used to do? I’ve lost that loving feeling and I really want it back!  You will learn about the various imbalances in body chemistry that bring about a decline in your sex drive. And, yes, it is possible to restore balance to your body chemistry.


  1. Why are my hormones bouncing all over the place, causing me to feel like I am on this nonstop emotional roller coaster? I want to feel normal again without crying at the drop of a pin. You will learn that not only can you get off that insane emotional roller coaster, imbalances like hot flashes and night sweats are not part of your normal biological design, but rather caused by hormonal imbalances in your body chemistry.


  1. Why is the skin on my face, hands, arms, and legs losing its thickness, color, and elasticity? Why am I developing lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet before my 6th decade of life? You will learn that the premature aging of your skin is a result of various imbalances in your body chemistry, for example, chronic dehydration. And, yes, it is possible to slowly restore balance to body chemistry. In the process, many aspects of premature aging will reverse.


  1. Where did all of my energy and stamina go? I desperately want it back! You will learn the major reasons why your body lacks energy and what you can do to start recapturing your stamina.


  1. Why do middle-age people develop all kinds of adult degenerative conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer? Truth be told, the majority of degenerative disease conditions are not only preventable but in many cases actually reversible.


Let me emphasize that becoming well is all about enhancing your quality of life for the rest of your life. Extending longevity makes absolutely no sense if your quality of life remains highly compromised. It is not how long you may live, rather your ability to enjoy living each day of your life. That is the real purpose and your motivation for choosing a wellness life coach as your personal mentor and guide.


The proceeds earned from consulting as a life coach go toward bringing my ground-breaking wellness book to fruition, which in turn will help fund a nonprofit Christian wellness clinic that will reach out to help others less fortunate—especially those battling terminal cancer, autoimmune disorders, and young adults with chemical addictions.


For the select few who are fortunate enough to be in a position to make an important investment in their quality of life, details for admission to your own wellness program, with me as your personal life coach, is just a phone call away! Remember, this is a limited offer with only 5 spots to fill on a first-come basis.


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