Turning Back The Clock On Premature Aging

A True Story...

Contact:  E A Helwick II                                                              228-669-9159 (media only)

Sample Interview Questions



1.      So, EA, you have a pretty amazing story in which you actually reversed your premature aging. Could you share with the audience how that was possible?


2.  What exactly is premature aging?


3.      We hear a lot about anti-aging…which basically focuses on slowing down the aging process, but what you are talking about is reverse aging, which is completely different right?


4.      I understand you used to have cellulite on the backs of both of your legs for decades, and today your legs are completely free of cellulite. Every female listener in our audience is dying to know your secret?


5.      I understand that the owner of Electrolysis / Laser Medical Clinic with over 25 years experience recently examined the hair on your chest and arms and was shocked to discover that the majority of the prematurely gray hairs on your body are in the process of turning black as the new hair emerges from the root bulb. How is this possible?


6.      About a year ago, you were involved in a car accident, resulting in a visit to Dr Roger’s clinic. Dr. Roger performed a spinal adjustment on your body and when your joints snapped in place like a teenagers, he was literally blown away and declined to bill you for the adjustment. Can you share the experience?


7.      Ok EA, your knocking on 60, and yet, you currently occupy a youthful-looking body that many feel can easily pass for a young man between the ages of 28 and 30 years old. How has occupying a younger-looking body impacted your personal life as a single man?


8.      If your chronological age is 58, yet you currently occupy a young-looking body that can pass for someone between the ages of 28 and 30, then exactly how old are you for the benefit of the single ladies in the audience?


9.      What advise can you offer to the audience regarding your top 5 recommendations on reverse aging?


10.  Is it true that our diet should be low fat?


11.  Is it true that if we reduce our daily caloric intake by 30%, we can extend our life expectancy by 20 years?


12.  Will consuming a healthy diet prevent premature aging?


13.  At what age should lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet normally materialize on a person’s face if their body is aging correctly?


14.  If a person’s body has prematurely ages with the onset of age spots, lines, wrinkles, and thinning of your skin, is there hope to reverse some of this aging?


15.  I understand you used to be fat and dumpy, weighing over 200 pounds, with a waistline of 42 inches. You lost over 50 pounds of excess fat in your mid 50’s, yet your body doesn’t show evidence of old-looking, saggy skin remaining anywhere from head to toe. How was this possible?


16.  I heard that our diet should include a high level of anti-oxidants to help offset free radical damage. Does that mean we need to consume mega doses of anti-oxidants in supplement form?


17.  There has been a lot of media attention over the last 18 months about taking an anti-aging supplement called resveratrol to extend longevity. Have you personally used resveratrol, and do you think it really extends life expectancy?


18.  So, EA, I know you probably get this question frequently, but is your success in reversing premature aging simply due to having good genes?


19.  What is the current health / wellness status of your siblings?


20.  How many years did it take for you to achieve your current youthful-looking body?


21.  As one of the only experts, I am currently aware of in the world, on reversing premature aging, do you currently teach any courses or perform professional consulting for people interested in turning back the clock on premature aging?




Contact: E A Helwick II  228-669-9159 (media only)


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